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The outdoor floor lamp is available in as many models as certain types of interior lighting are available. Garden architecture is increasingly applied in the Netherlands. The Dutch have always had outdoor people. This varies from playing outside, working outside and relaxing outside.

The range of standing outdoor lamps has been adapted to these developments for a higher level of garden design. The standing outdoor lamp is available in all kinds of styles, from modern to rural, and colors, from high-gloss white to a cool rust color. The difference in height is also large, this varies from ground level to the level of street lamps.

The height of the standing outdoor lamps

The standing outdoor lamp is different from the street lamp. Here you will therefore find floor lamps with a specific height. From lamps that reach just below the knee of an adult person to floor lamps that reach the middle height of an adult person.

The floor lamps are mainly used next to / in the street work. To illuminate the path in combination with illuminating the garden. Placing floor lamps along the foundation is also ideal. Due to the height of the lamp, it is also clearly visible when parking the car. This can sometimes help you more than ground spots that are low to the ground.

Standing outdoor lighting

The right outdoor lighting is indispensable to get home safely in the dark and to enjoy the long summer evenings in your garden. The standing outdoor lamp can be used in various ways around your house, for example as lighting along the driveway or as terrace lighting. Depending on the purpose, you can choose from different types of floor lamps:

Driveway lighting

Standing outdoor lamps are widely used as driveway lighting. Lighting along the driveway is not only very functional, but also creates atmosphere. In the collection of outdoor floor lamps you will find floor lamps in different styles and colors.

Floor lamps with motion sensor

The floor lamp with motion detector has a number of advantages. The lamp turns on when it detects movement. This means that the lamp only lights up when you need the light. This not only saves energy and therefore energy costs, but is also better for the environment!

Standing lampposts

The lantern garden lamp is popular among the outdoor lighting. This lamp is available in several colors and sizes. The lamp posts can often be ordered in series so that they can be combined with matching lantern wall lamps, pendant lamps and table lamps. The lantern garden lamps often have a classic character.

Standing spotlights

The puncture spots are outdoor lamps that can easily be placed in the ground. Although spotlights are often quite low, they are ideal for highlighting certain areas of the garden.