At Lampgiant you will find a complete collection of lamps. Whether you are looking for lighting for your home, garden or office. You will certainly find it at Lampgigant.

Indoor lighting

Our lamps are available in all shapes, sizes and styles. From modern, rural and industrial designs to designs for children's rooms. From hanging lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps to recessed spotlights. At Lampgigant there is a lamp for everyone that makes the interior even more beautiful.

Outdoor lighting

In our collection of garden lamps you will find all lamps that will illuminate your garden beautifully. This way you can stay in the garden until late at night and you can provide extra lighting for your most beautiful plants. Our solar-powered or sensor-powered outdoor lights are an increasingly popular choice.

Company lighting

Lampgigant is also the right place for business lighting. You will find various sustainable lamps here that illuminate your office, warehouse, shop or company site well and professionally.