LED lights

LED lamps The LED lamp was introduced to the energy-saving lamp. At first, the LED lamp was only used in calculators and telephones. That was very cold and white light. You could also buy bright and less bright LED lamps at that time. They were also a lot cheaper to buy than a light bulb. They are also more energy efficient than a light bulb. As of 2009, the European Parliament has decided to withdraw the light bulb from the market. They were only allowed to sell what the products had. LED lamp in different sizes / colors The LED lamp was soon invented in many different colors. Purple, red, green, cold white, warm white. It is indispensable, in household appliances to those beautiful colored LED strips. Everyone uses them, you can't really miss them anymore. You also have them in many different sizes from 10 to 1 cm or even smaller. You also have larger ones, but then you speak more about LED panels.


Description LED lamps:

Advantages of LED lighting
Energy efficient: saves 80 to 90% energy compared to halogen and incandescent lamps.
Longer life span:
LED: 25,000 burning hours
Incandescent lamp: 1,000 burning hours
Halogen lamp: 2,000 hours
Energy saving lamp: 5,000 - 10,000 burning hours
TL: 5,000 - 10,000 burning hours
LED lamps immediately provide full light: With energy-saving lamps, you must always wait until the lamp has warmed up, until it gives full light. The LED lamp immediately gives full light.
LED lamp will get a little warm, but not hot.
LED lighting is available in all shapes and sizes.
LED lamps do not contain mercury. This means they do not have to be thrown away with the chemical waste.
The LED lamp does not flicker, making it easier on your eyes.
It is possible to control LED lamps remotely.


Difference between E27 and E14 fitting

The E27 and the E14 LED lamp both have a swivel fitting. The E27 is called the large swivel fitting and the E14 the small swivel fitting.

Width of E27 fitting: 27 mm
Width of the E14 fitting: 14 mm

Difference between GU10, Gu5.3 and Gu4 fitting

Lamps with a GU10 fitting have 2 "pins with a ball" on the end. The Gu5.3 and the Gu4 fitting only 2 pins (without ball on the end).


Difference between Gu5.3 and Gu4 fitting

The thickness of the pins of the Gu5.3 fitting is 1.5 mm. The distance between the 2 pins with this fitting is 5.3 mm.

The thickness of the pins of the Gu4 is 1 mm. The distance between the 2 pins is 4 mm.


Difference between G4 and G9 fitting

The G4 and G9 lamps are available in different versions. Especially the G4 lamps are available in flat design, oblong design, etc. These lamps are most often used in spotlights in the kitchen and bathroom.


Recognize the difference in the fitting

The pins of the G4 fitting are 2 thin pins. The G9, on the other hand, has 2 wider pins, which are 2 flat and closed pins or 2 pins with an opening in the middle.


Buy economical LED lamp

Are you tired of your high energy bill and want to save on it? Then use LED lighting. LED is more economical than energy-saving lamps, has a low power consumption and therefore also a long service life. LED lamps have a minimum lifespan of 25,000 burning hours, while halogen lamps only have a lifespan of 2,000 hours. Because this lighting lasts a long time, they also need to be replaced less often.


Advantages of LED lamps

Using LED lighting has many advantages. The two most important are low power consumption and long life. They last fifty times longer. Would you like to cut down on your energy costs? This LED lighting saves you up to 90% in costs.
Furthermore, the LED lamp is almost always reftrofit. These LEDs are made in such a way that they can replace the light bulb and energy saving lamp.
The use of LED lighting also has environmental benefits. The lamps are easily recyclable. About 75% of the parts of the LED lamp are recyclable. As a result, there is also less chemical waste. The LED lamps do not contain any metals or mercury. As a result, the environmental imprint decreases sharply. The most modern LED lighting are even 100% recyclable.


Outdoor LED lamps

Would you also like to use LED lamps outside? Which can! You must pay attention to the IP standard. An LED lamp with the IP standard IP65 or IP67 is completely waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.


Three click lamps

With the three click lamps you do not need a dimmer to dim your lamp. By switching the switch you dim your lamp. You do this by switching the lamp on / off in quick succession.


Smart lighting

With smart lighting, you should think of light sources with unique functions. For example, on dimmable light sources or on RGB lamps that can be operated with a remote control. With RGB lamps you can set the color yourself.


Dim to warm

With dim to warm lamps you can change the type of light. You can choose from several variants, for example the lamp with 4000K (White) to 2700K (Extra warm white) or the lamp with 2700K (Extra warm white) to 1900K (Extra atmospheric white). In principle, these lamps are dimmable according to the type of light. This means that you do not necessarily get more or less light output when you dim the lamp, but the color of the light changes. Depending on which dim to warm lamp you choose, you can, for example, go from 4000K (White) to 2700K (Extra warm white). Ideal if you want different types of lighting!