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Looking for a floor lamp? has a large collection of popular floor lamps. The trends of the moment are industrial, rural, modern, wood and floor reading lamps.

Floor lamps with the quality you have come to expect from us with a simple design / model.

Floor lamps with a lot of variation in color, style and material. Floor lamps are continuously popular and present in many living rooms. The floor lamp is also increasingly used in business spaces. We have made a selection for you for floor lamps in the living room, kitchen, children's room and business areas.

Trends and emergence of floor lamps

The living room is really complete with a trendy floor lamp. Modern floor reading lamp, sturdy and rural floor lamp or floor lamp with lampshade. The standing lamp was originally created by the standing reading lamp. To create an extra light, everything was tried to shine with the book or newspaper. Originally with the candle in hand to read the letters properly. This has been developed into the occasional table lamp and especially the standing wooden floor lamp. Floor lamps from large to small. View the complete collection of floor lamps here. In addition to black, the tripod floor lamps with wooden legs are now also available in white.

Different light sources in the floor lamp

The majority of floor lamps have a fitting in which a standard bulb can be turned. However, the industrial floor lamps with LEDs incorporated in the lamp itself are also available! This innovative floor lamp has a sleek appearance and takes up little space. Also take a look at our original floor lamps made of concrete.

The floor lamp with its own fabric shade

The floor lamps with fabric shade have a removable fabric shade. You can also choose to provide the lamp with your own fabric shade. In most cases, the floor lamp with shade has a rotating screw at the top. The cover can be put on the lamp and then secured with a corresponding nut.

The fabric lampshades from the collection with a rougher structure in the fabric are beautiful on the rural floor lamp. The colors taupe, cream and gray stand out as a popular color for lampshades in the flea, rural atmosphere.

Finding a floor lamp quickly

If you are looking for modern floor lamps that must meet specific requirements for color, style or material, you can quickly filter this to a small and clear range. With floor lamps, filtering by color is a frequently used option.

Tip: especially compare the heights of the different floor lamps and, if you like it, grab a tape measure to see how high the floor lamp is, which will be placed next to your sofa, for example!