LED light

LED light


At the moment we almost only sell LED lighting. LED light sources are the energy-efficient replacements for traditional halogen lamps, incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.

Dimmable or not dimmable?

LED lamps are available in the dimmable and the non-dimmable version. If a lamp must be dimmable, it is important to choose a dimmable light source. Most lamps do not contain a dimmer, so to dim the lamp it is necessary to connect an external dimmer. Click here for more information about dimming lamps.


LED lamps with 3 - 6 Watt power provide enough light for an average home. This is comparable to halogen lamps between 20 and 60 watts. When you have connected a dimmer to your lighting, a higher wattage is also possible, since you can always dim the LED lamp more softly. Click here for more information about wattage / lumens.

Light color

The light color is indicated in Kelvin. 2700K - 3000K is warm white lighting and is most often used in the home. 4000K is neutral white lighting and is often used outside, in the shed and in offices. 6000K is bright white lighting and is mainly used in work areas and production areas. Click here for more information about the light color.